Psychiatric Service Dogs Can Transform the Lives of Humans

How can psychiatric service dogs transform the lives of humans? How can the human-animal bond benefit both humans and animals?

dogs feel stress too

These two common questions are answered in webinars hosted by our Executive Director, Jane Miller:

The first webinar, “Dogs Have Issues Too: Helping Dogs Cope With Stress”, goes into detail about several stress reduction/relaxation techniques for both humans and dogs along with monitoring methods. This webinar is a very basic introduction to stress reduction/relaxation techniques covering the definition of stress, eustress, and distress, as well as the pros and cons of various relaxation techniques. An extensive list of videos, links, references, articles, websites, diagrams, etc. will also be provided!

The second webinar, “Psychiatric Service Dogs – Healing Companions”, is designed to educate dog trainers, mental health professionals, and everyone impacted by mental illness in navigating the complicated world of psychiatric service dogs. Jane also navigates through the complexities of the laws, terminology, and extensive misinformation presented in the media alongside the basics of what qualifications are needed.

The third webinar, “Healing Companions: Psychiatric Service Dogs and Their Power To Transform Lives”, explains what psychiatric service dogs are and how they differ from other service dogs. She will explain strategies that ensure that both the clients’ AND animals’ needs are addressed. Additional useful information is provided about stress in service dogs, task training, and resources available. 

To learn more from Jane about psychiatric service dogs and how to reduce stress for both humans and animals check out these valuable webinars! You can also visit our media page for additional videos and interviews


Animal Academy Podcast


Jane was invited to present at the Animal Academy Podcast, an animal trainer podcast hosted by Allison White on 10/3/2020. During her presentation, she told the story of Healing Companions and explained how the program works. We hope you enjoy listening!

Animal Academy Podcast


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