As we look back on another great year of helping people with mental illness reclaim their lives with the help of Psychiatric Service Dogs, we need to reflect back on those who helped make it all possible.

Thanks to support from people like you, we were able to help people like Tracy feel the joy of living again.

“I have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Finola was trained to help me with my panic attacks. Without Finola I would be housebound..I can’t even imagine how I would survive without the help of a service dog..Finola has definitely transformed my life.”

It’s your empathy and generosity that makes successes like these possible. We can never thank you enough.


Thank you Advance Partners!

We are deeply honored and touched by the generosity and support of your employees!  Your successful fundraiser will help us transform many lives.

With gratitude, Healing Companions


Intern Needed for Fundraising Effort

Winter term intern needed to work on organizing fundraiser to help us reach our goals:

Healing Companion’s mission is built on Three Pillars: Saving shelter dogs and training them to become psychiatric service dogs, transforming the lives of those struggling with mental illness, and providing basic dog training job skills for inmates.

Must have the ability to network, organize, reach out through social media, any fundraising experience in the past and or working with non-profits. Highly motivated to spread the word about our work, graphic design experience to make posters, photographers, social media skills etc.

Students should apply to this Winter Term opportunity here.


Training Donation Needs

The inmates wanted to share how much they enjoyed my book and would love to read more wonderful books about dogs and dog training. They would also appreciate videos, DVD’s, dog mats, harnesses, dog training toys, treat bags, clickers, target sticks and other training tools.

Please donate today!



Thank You Linda Michaels!!

A huge shout out to Linda Michaels for her generosity and support. The inmates have thoroughly enjoyed the donations of her fabulous book and video. Thanks so much.

We love donations of materials that enhance the inmate’s knowledge and learning. We hope Linda has inspired you to make a difference in educating inmates to work with animals in a positive, compassionate way.  Donate today to help change a shelter dog’s life, inmate’s job skills and the life of the person that will benefit from the healing power of dogs!  If you have training books or videos to donate please contact us.


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