adoption-day healing companions

Adoption Day!


(Testimonial three days after adoption)  “Gidget and I went on a walk for the third day in a row! For those of you who don’t know what a big deal that is, previous to getting her, I never would’ve chosen to leave the house alone–we’ve also had three different unknown men unexpectedly come to the house to work on things and I didn’t have any panic attacks!
Gidget has already made a huge impact on my quality of life, and she’s still in training.
Thanks Jane!”





Amanda and Ninna

Ninna - healing Companions Service Dog

Ninna in her comfy spot!

“I was scared all the time. … What helped me to come out was that in there I decided to adopt a dog. . . She gave me a reason to live, and I think the first being in my life [I] trusted. . .in some ways she’s like my shield from the world and in others she helps me to be in the world. My relationship with Ninna is great.

Ninna helps me to be grounded. Sometimes when I’m crying, she’ll sit there and lick my face. Something so simple, it reminds you that you’re not the only person in the world in that moment. Your pain is not the only thing that exists. I found that [my PSD] really helps me and I kind of snap out of that. In some ways she’s like my shield from the world. In others, she helps me to be in the world. She’s helped me want to live.”


Finola (white) and MJ – Happy to help


“My name is Tracy My service dog’s name is Finola.  Finola was rescued from Hurricane Katrina. She helps me live a more productive life.  She helps me go to the grocery store, bank, And other places away from our home. I have post traumatic stress disorder. I have many symptoms that go along with PTSD. Finola was trained to help me with my panic attacks. Without Finola I would be house bound. Finola is almost 9 yrs. old & ready to retire so I hope to start working with my next PSDIT.

I am able to work two jobs because of my service dog Finola. I still can’t afford all the training my next dog will need to become my service dog. Finola recently turned nine. I cry as I write this because I know Finola won’t be able to work much longer. I can’t even imagine how I would survive without the help of a service dog. We need funding desperately for training, food,& vet care. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please help me and others live a more independent & productive life. Donate to Healing Companions, Inc., to help train rescue dogs to become PSD’S. My service dog Finola has definitely transformed my life.”



“I think he’s very empowering and he’s a great dog. He gives me a lot of courage and strength. He helps me through a lot of different situations. When I’m stressed, he helps me. He’s just a great dog.  I have a lot of anxieties over school and going to school because I don’t really have a lot of friends in school and he’ll definitely be able to help me with those social anxieties. He’s great…I have a lot of nightmares and he helps me with those nightmares by waking me up, because I have some really bad nightmares. He really helped me with that.”


Katie and Rosie

Testimonial - Psychiatric Service Dog - Healing Companions

Katie and Rosie

“Rosie, … the first time I met her, she leaned into me and I was like, ‘oh, this is my dog.’ I knew she was the dog I was supposed to have. Working with my therapist and working with her. . .I realized that the same thing was happening to me. I could actually understand myself better through Rosie.”