Fun Day at Paws for a Cause Fair

We had lots of nice folks and a beautiful sunny day at the Paws for a Cause Fair…Thanks to all who stopped by!


Fair Housing Resource Center first Annual Fair

Healing Companions is excited to be joining the Fair Housing Resource Center, Inc. for their 1st annual fair.

Fair Housing vendor of the day paws for a cause


The Fair Housing Resource Center is a non-profit advocacy organization that serves Northeast Ohio.  “Paws for a Cause” is intended to help bring awareness to Service Animals and Therapy Assistance animals and those who use them.  As an advocacy organization FHRC helps clients with reasonable accommodation requests in housing to help them have/keep their assistance animal.

FHRC’s hope in holding this event is to help counteract discriminatory attitudes toward people with disabilities and help demystify those people with disabilities who rely on the services of their animals.  

It should be a fun day and we are hoping all of you will join us at Wes Point Park in downtown Willoughby.

Click here to download a copy of the flyer.


Life-saving bond: Woman’s dog gives her courage to heal

Fox News 8 filmed this story on Healing Companions, Inc.
Dogs have long been considered ‘man’s best friend.’ But, for one local woman, they have certainly earned the title.

Amanda says after she tried to commit suicide, her first dog saved her life; and now, her second dog helps handle the challenges of her PTSD.

Watch Melissa Reid’s story above for more.


Dog Communication Skills

Dogs have clear ways of communicating. If you live with a dog or would like to, you’ll want to read this article. One of the primary skills we teach all our clients is how to communicate with and understand their dog.

The article Dogs Growl Honestly and Women Understand Better than Men by Marc Bekoff, Ph.D. will give you excellent insight into dog behavior.

Dogs are vocal animals, and most of us at one time or another have heard a wide variety of sounds ranging from growls to barks, whines, and whimpers. But how good are we at determining the emotional state of a dog when she or he is growling? A new and very important study by Hungarian researchers T. Faragó, N. Takács, Á. Miklósi, and P. Pongrácz called “Dog growls express various contextual and affective content for human listeners” shows we’re pretty good at assigning context and emotional state to different growls, and that women are better than men at doing so. The abstract for this study (available online) reads as follows:… Click here to read Dr. Bekoff’s article.

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