Programs and Training Videos

Note: Videos are best watched in full screen mode. If you choose to watch in the small screen you will need to hover your mouse over the slide while the video runs to keep it from scrolling to the next.

The first brief video, filmed in a very busy hotel hallway that was noisy and filled with cleaning staff pushing their carts up & down the hallway, is an example of stress reduction and relaxation. Jane teaches humans (Healing Companions, Inc., clients and the inmates) and their animals stress reduction/relaxation techniques that incorporate acupressure points, canine massotherapy, energy work, Reiki, TTouch, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization etc.

The second third and fourth videos are brief interviews where the inmates are sharing their experiences learning how to train the shelter dogs basic skills. The fifth through final videos expose one to the specific skills that psychiatric service dogs in training (PSDIT) are taught such as tucking their tails when going under tables so their tails don’t get stepped on in public places like restaurants, movie theaters etc. The PSDIT learns to focus on their handler when distractions occur and remain calm.  There is a demonstration of training the dog to locate their car when they have parked it in a full parking lot if their symptoms prevent them from finding their parked car. Finally, a video to show how dogs are taught to enter spaces supporting their handlers in the process.