NOTE:  Information provided on this page is simply being offered as a courtesy.  We do not endorse these sites or otherwise assure the information on these websites is completely accurate.  They are simply provided as a place to begin your research.

General Websites (see glossary and abbreviations)
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners:

General Assistance Dog Yahoo Groups

Search Yahoo! Groups for Assistance Dogs: see “Assistance Dogs” –, “Operant Conditioning Assistance Dogs” – and “Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels” –, as helpful groups to join.

Therapy Dog Websites

Therapy Dogs International see:
Therapy Dogs Incorporated see:
Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. see:

Americans with Disabilities Act Websites
ADA Business BRIEF: Service Animals (see disability rights resources) (see ADA amendment act of 2008)
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission see: (see ADA law and government policy)
Job Accommodation Network see:
National Empowerment Center see:
Federal Legislative Information see:
United States Department of Justice see:

Temperament Testing Websites

Assistance Dogs International, Inc. see: (see public access test)
American Temperament Test Society, Inc. see: (see sample temperament test)
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners see: (see sample temperament test)
American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior see: (puppy socialization) (dog tips- temperament)
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test see:

PTSD and Mental Health Websites

American Psychiatric Association:
Mental Health America:
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration:
National Alliance of Mental Illness see:
National Mental Health Association:
Depression and Bipolar support Alliance see: (see health benefits of dogs)
Guided Imagery and Meditation Resources by Belleruth Naparstek see:
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners see: (see PSD tasks)
Department of Health & Human Services see: (look up any research for articles and information)
Psych Central:
Mental Help Article:

Training Websites & Videos

Donna Hill’s Assistant Dogs Training Videos:
Donna Hill’s Video Index:
Emily Larlham Training Videos:
Emily Larlham’s Website:
Teamwork I & Teamwork II: Service Dog training books, tapes, and videos.
Vancouver Island Assistance Dogs see:
Sue Ailsby’s training levels see:
Sue Ailsby’s books see:
Clicker Training Library see:
Understanding Dog Behavior:

Ethics Websites
Delta Society with their Minimum Standards for Service Dogs see: (see Alan Beck)

Websites for Canine Health

The Whole Dog Journal Web. 09 Aug. 2009.
In Memory of Magic see:
Silver Lining Foundation see: (See Dog First Aid information) (See Dog First Aid information)

Alternative Healing Websites (See calming cap) (see identifying and coping with canine stress)
Music Therapy for Dogs a Comprehensive Guide
Welcome to Chi Institute Veterinary Acupuncture see: (see Chinese herbal handbook) (relaxation music for dogs) (see ttouch wraps, anxiety wraps, or thundershirts) (See dogs)

Nutrition Websites

Coping With the Death of Your Dog Websites

http:// (see grief support resources)
Association for Pet loss and Bereavement see:
American veterinary Medical Association see: (see: Quality of Life Assessment) (see the stages of grieving) (see pet loss and grief)
Pet Loss Hotline at the College of Veterinary Medicine see: