Successful Meet and Greet…

First, we would like to thank Gina Lallo, Founder of Forget Me Not Animal Rescue, for donating Colton to our program, Joette Mehalio, Foster mom and training home for Colton and Jennifer Mauger, CPDT-KSA, KPA-CPT, Owner/Trainer L’Chaim Canine, for helping train Joette to prepare Colton for Brian. We are deeply touched, grateful, and appreciative of everything they have done for Brian, Colton and Healing Companions, Inc. A truly magical gift that will change so many lives. Thanks so much for everything.

Colton and Brian’s meeting went really well and Colton has been placed with Brian.  Brian was so thrilled and excited, he felt like his life was changing in a very positive direction.  The week ahead will be spent with Colton and Brian getting to know each other and bonding. Our training will start the following week with a focus on a few of the tasks Brian needs. We will be training Colton to provide deep pressure therapy, leaning into Brian against his legs, hug and interrupting him from spending too much time in his room and/or playing video games.

Brian’s mom reports he and Colton are doing terrific. She emailed to let us know they were on their second walk around the block. Colton has had a supervised tour of Brian’s room and the living room and has taken a little nap in his crate.  More to come…


Photos by Elizabeth Adams

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