Our First Webinar

On August 27th, as part of a lecture series, Jane Miller gave a live webinar, “Dogs have Issues Too: Helping Dogs Cope with Stress”.  It was very well received and addressed a topic not many people think about, stress in our companion animals.

If you missed the webinar and would still like to hear it, just click here to sign up and listen.  CEUs are available.


“Just finished attending the webinar featuring Jane Miller as the keynote speaker  “Dogs Have Issues Too: Helping Dogs Cope with Stress”.

“Once again, learned so much from Jane and her wisdom.  Took copious notes that I will have to review tomorrow but thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and found it very informative.”

“Had forgotten the work we did in Jane’s office with my Rescue dog Tifhani that Tif was drawn to the magnet bed in the open kennel on her first meeting with Jane. Tif was terrified of kennels and broke through many hurting herself in the process prior to meeting and working with Jane.  I continue to practice the breathing techniques that Jane taught me that help not only me but ultimately  my Tifhani  who needs it most surely. Tonight after hearing Jane’s voice for 1 hour, I feel so much calmer!”  ~Pam Fisher

“Eloquently spoken and great information, especially about people not thinking there is research on the topic.  Slides need studying, which I will do.  My audio worked just fine. Good going!”

“The webinar was great! Thank you!”

“I enjoyed your webinar tonight. Very informative. Looking forward to reading all the info on stress reduction”

“It was definitely information that needed to be shared. Too many people do not take into consideration how their own emotions affect animals. So glad we were able to get this out and to the right people as well.” ~Cheryl

“I really liked your content and I loved that you tried to bring in other voices as well as to begin with an experiential component.”

“I am requesting CEUs for the webinar ‘Dogs Have Issues Too: Helping Dogs Cope With Stress.’ Thank you- I enjoyed the webinar :)”

“I just heard the presentation of Jane Miller. Amazing source of information. I thought it was great. This is the type of thing I really enjoyed. Thank you for having Ms Miller share her knowledge.”


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