Psychiatric Service Dogs: Saving Dogs and Changing Lives

Healing Companions is a 501(c)(3) organization, serving mentally ill residents of Northeast Ohio. Through a dedicated approach to community mental health, a three-fold benefit emerges: a shelter dog is saved and trained as a psychiatric service dog (PSD) to provide assistance to a person experiencing a mental disorder.

This person benefits from a higher level of functioning and participation in society, with help from their dog. Shelter dogs are trained basic skills by inmates, who in turn gain job skills and “soft skills” to help them obtain jobs and contribute to the community upon release. These services go a long way to saving the lives of dogs and humans alike, as well as keeping them a part of the world and the community.

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PSD Fundraiser: Michele

Michele is a retired music teacher suffering from bipolar depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder. She was misdiagnosed for several years before receiving the correct diagnosis. A year ago, as her doctor tried to find the right combination of medication that would best help her, she found herself on what she calls a “medication carousel”.

Even today, she does not believe she has the right combination of medication that is bHealingCompanions_CircleGraphFinal-01est suited for her needs and the side effects have been intolerable.

Her typical day consists of working part-time, practicing her instruments and other daily activities, but her condition severely interferes with her ability to function. She often has problems getting out of bed, taking medication on schedule and remembering to eat. She also has trouble focusing, keeping to a daily routine and taking care of her basic needs. This has led to isolation, severe anxiety and panic attacks. Her fears can be immobilizing so she keeps people at a distance.

Therapy has been helpful, but it still has not provided her with the independence and stability that she needs on a daily basis.

After much research, Michele discovered Healing Companions and deeply believes that a psychiatric service dog will help bring her the stability and freedom that she needs. A PSD can be trained the tasks that will alleviate her symptoms so she can lead the life she wants and give back to her community.

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Gene would like to start a new life!


My name is Gene A. Scott Jr., a formerly incarcerated individual with a well developed skill for working with shelter dogs of all types. I’ve trained timid, scared dogs, as well as confidant, dominate, and aggressive dogs. I’ve also helped other people use my techniques with great success.

I recently had the privilege of meeting Jane Miller as well as two of her psychiatric patients. Their stories were each inspiring in their own way. They were also very tragic. Continue Reading →

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