Retirement of a Trusted Companion

This year, Jane Miller, of Healing Companions, spoke with Tracy, reminding her of Finola’s age and her need to slow down a bit. It was decided that Tracy should begin the training of her third service dog.

Miss Finola

Miss Finola

Jane assisted with the training of Chino at the local prison and felt he had great potential to be placed as a potential psychiatric service dog in training. Continue Reading →





Tracy is a Healing Companions success story and has given us an opportunity to understand a little of her journey. This is not to say that life is perfect for her now any more than it is for the rest of us but it is definitely better for her because of the tasks Tracy’s current dog, Finola, has been trained to perform to diminish Tracy’s symptoms as her psychiatric service dog.

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Our First Webinar

On August 27th, as part of a lecture series, Jane Miller gave a live webinar, “Dogs have Issues Too: Helping Dogs Cope with Stress”.  It was very well received and addressed a topic not many people think about, stress in our companion animals.

If you missed the webinar and would still like to hear it, just click here to sign up and listen.  CEUs are available.


“Just finished attending the webinar featuring Jane Miller as the keynote speaker  “Dogs Have Issues Too: Helping Dogs Cope with Stress”.

“Once again, learned so much from Jane Continue Reading →


Doreen Di Fiore Joins Healing Companions Board


Doreen Di Fiore

We are pleased to have Doreen Di Fiore as our newest board member and future blogger.  This is just a short interview so you can all get to know her a bit better.

What is it about Healing Companions that most attracted you to the organization?

Healing Companions, Inc. is committed to raising awareness of the benefits of PSDs. I have long recognized the need for public education (professionals need it too!) about this specific type of service dog, as people are often largely misinformed about mental illness in general as well as the role of PSDs in improving the quality of life for those who struggle on a daily basis. Healing Companions, Inc. incorporates shelter/rescue dogs into the program, and that is fairly unique in the service world. As someone who is passionate about Continue Reading →

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