Successful Meet and Greet…

First, we would like to thank Gina Lallo, Founder of Forget Me Not Animal Rescue, for donating Colton to our program, Joette Mehalio, Foster mom and training home for Colton and Jennifer Mauger, CPDT-KSA, KPA-CPT, Owner/Trainer L’Chaim Canine, for helping train Joette to prepare Colton for Brian. We are deeply touched, grateful, and appreciative of everything they have done for Brian, Colton and Healing Companions, Inc. A truly magical gift that will change so many lives. Thanks so much for everything.

Colton and Brian’s meeting went really well and Colton has been placed with Brian.  Brian was so thrilled and Continue Reading →


Giving Back to Your Psychiatric Service Dogs
~ Mary-Jane Howe

The number of service dogs is on the rise with an estimated 4,000 fulfilling different service roles. Psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) help people with emotional and mental disabilities. They are valuable in helping various mental conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, bipolar disorder, and mental issues such as anxiety or stress. Specifically trained to assist in the daily life of a person with mental challenges, these wonderful animals lift moods, sense Continue Reading →


Dog Guru Podcast with Jane Miller

The podcast Ask Your Dog Guru can be accessed at along with information about how to attend or listen later.

Host and producer Victoria presents this podcast for dog lovers and owners to get advice and get their questions answered.

They are a positive reinforcement broadcast that focuses on how to connect with dogs of all ages in a kind and harm free manner.

They will be airing the episode on several platforms including: iTunes, Podbean, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, Youtube, Podcast addict, podcasts (which is an app that will auto upload the episode), Spreaker, Soundpage.


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