If I told you that you could help both people and dogs, at the same time, for FREE, would you do it?

Of course, you would. All good-hearted people would.

And like most people, you love to shop. So, why not make your shopping about more than just getting stuff? Turn your shopping into an activity that improves people’s and dogs’ lives.

Here’s how it works. Choose any or all of Healing Companions supporters below. And every time you shop, they will donate money to Healing Companions.

We will use that money to give abandoned shelter dogs good homes AND train them to become psychiatric service dogs. In their new forever homes, the dogs will be helping people struggling to live with mental illnesses.

It’s a chain reaction that goes like this:

You shop. Our supporter donates money to us. We rescue and train a shelter dog. The dog helps a person living with mental illness.
But you’re the first link of the chain. And we need you to start things off, today.

Please shop for us.  Healing Companions – People helping dogs. Dogs helping people.

Please choose as many of our supporters below as you’d like. It’s FREE.


















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