Letty’s Memorial Fund

We are deeply grateful and honored that Healing Companions, Inc. has been chosen to be the recipient of Letty’s Memorial Fund.  Their goal is to raise enough for the adoption and training of one dog.

From Letty’s sister Katrina:

One year ago today my beautiful ❤️ sister Letty took her life, after many years of struggling with debilitating fear and loneliness (despite being much loved by her family and her many loyal friends) , and lots of other issues stemming from her mental health.

LettyLetty left behind her beloved son; he is nine years old. I hope that he may find some comfort in this tribute too. Mental health and suicide affects all who knew and loved that person, so I know that if we can raise the funds for just one Psychiatric Service Dog, that we will save not only the dog and it’s future owner, but we could also be sparing so many more loved ones from a terrible fate too.

I have chosen Healing Companions as a tribute to Letty because Letty cared deeply about dogs in shelters, and all of the dogs trained by HC are rescues. By sponsoring a dog through Healing Companions we could  save a dog , and  save a person too; someone desperately struggling like our darling Letty.

Healing Companions trains dogs from shelters to be Psychiatric Service Dogs to people who suffer from mental health problems, giving the dog a purpose, and the owner renewed hope.

It costs $20,000 to train a dog to be a Psychiatric Service Dog. It’s a lot of money but these dogs really do save lives.

Please help us by donating and/ or fundraising to sponsor a dog in honour of our dear sweet Letty.

When we have raised the funds, I’ll update you with photos and videos etc of our dog. In the meantime please do follow the link for Healing Companions and see for yourself the wonderful work that this organisation does. The charity is based in America. We felt it was the right charity, and Letty was an international girl who had lots of dear friends in the States, and spent many happy times there.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Kat (Letty’s sister) Amber and Islay (Letty’s nieces) Xxx

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