Passion and Hope: On the way to a new path

Story by Lucia Martínez ~ Of all the times one gets to hear about personal experiences that come with being a felon, few of them have such a hopeful message. Generally we only see the negative sides, and the difficulties that come when dealing with coming back to an incredulous society and finding a new place in a changed world. But CAN someone change their life? Yes. If they want to and with hard, hard work. And that’s exactly what Chris wants now that he has found his vocation through the inmate training program offered by Healing Companions, Inc. oriented on teaching these individuals key competences for training dogs learning the basic skills needed to continue their specialized preparation.

Listen to Chris’ remarks on how he found passion while working with educating our dogs has given him a clearer and more expectant view of the future, in which he is no longer just a released felon, but a man of determination and strong career goals after an extensive time behind bars:

The Healing Companions program believes that involving recovering offenders and educating them can be a successful method of preparing an inmate to step back into his or her community with a replenished sense of self image, as well as pride through the accomplishment of getting through the training program and aspiring for a career in the field.

Our team is glad for Chris’ continued successes and hope things continue to go in a positive direction.

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